Guangzhou Futian Fire Equipment Testing Co., Ltd. has been committed to promoting the construction of safety management long-term mechanism for the safety of cultural construction, and achieved good security results. Enterprises to survive and develop must have the market and customers, to wholeheartedly for customer service, customers solve problems, to help guide customers to change their own things into the matter. Our test report provides convenience for administrative enforcement and ensures quality. Strengthen the quality assurance system and job responsibility system supervision and inspection, pay close attention to the quality of testing, testing technology activities to control the whole process to ensure the continuous improvement of testing services. The technical training work as a regular work often unremitting, so that technical staff can "technical norms" of learning, master and understand the deepening and refinement, and continuously improve the quality of business and customer service capabilities. According to the requirements of the Fire Protection Association "rules" and the actual situation of the test business in time to supplement the testing equipment to ensure that the detection means to meet the actual needs of fire detection (detection instrument attached). Correctly handle the relationship between principle and flexibility. Taking into account the open market, and serve the purpose of customer service, our testing work should not only adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts to ensure quality, but also to facilitate customers, customers solve problems, any subject problems, , And to the prosecution leadership or with the detection of staff details of the hidden dangers and corrective measures. Can be rectified on the scene with the prosecution immediately rectification, can not be on-site rectification, rectification and then to re-examination, and rectification results for detailed records, initial inspection, re-examination records are both signed and dated, according to the annual inspection, The review results give the customer a report. This will not only ensure the quality of testing, but also to facilitate the customer. With the customer to discuss the implementation of the system encountered problems, and to do a summary of the implementation of the system to see if there are remaining issues to be further follow-up solution to develop a follow-up time schedule, in accordance with the overall time requirements step Plan, clear the timetable to ensure that the inspection work is completed on time.