IOTE2017 Internet of Things exhibition technology shine

Recently, the reporter learned that the 2017 China International Internet of Things Expo Summer Exhibition will be held August 16-18, 1817 held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, is expected to come from the global number of exhibitors will be more than 600, the number of visitors will be more than 100,000 people. Internet of things industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises will bring together Shenzhen, the industry audience to bring the latest technology products and results. At that time, Xiamen to the Technology Co., Ltd. will also carry the core technology products and industry as a whole application solutions debut the show (Booth No. B102). At that time, industry professionals are welcome to visit and exchange. In the case of  

  The technology was established in December 2015, is committed to the field of Internet of things key technology development and industry application solutions for the overall development and sales. Based on NB-LOT and LORA technology as the guide, R & D products cover a variety of ultra-high frequency electronic tags, antennas, read and write equipment and the corresponding industry system integration application software. So far, the development of the industry as a whole application solutions have been successfully applied to intelligent manufacturing, logistics and warehousing and other industries, and in the development and implementation process gradually form an independent intellectual property rights. Currently has 45 patents, which contains six patents, 29 utility model patents, three design patents and seven software copyright. Services include Jianlin bathroom, Wrigley bathroom, Xiangyu Group, Kehua Hengsheng, nine animal husbandry Wang costumes, wizards men, Fujian tobacco industry benchmarking customers. Among them, the joint in the bathroom industry research and development of hardware equipment and overall application solutions in a leading position in the country.

In December 2016, led the introduction of Taiwan Internet of Things communications expert Professor Zeng Xianwei, start low-power wide area network LoRa technology development and industrial applications.
January 2017, the introduction of Xiamen Internet of Things communications expert Professor Xia Jingbo, start based on high-frequency applications of anti-counterfeiting and intelligent packaging and other related technology research and development and industrial applications. R & D company based on the LoRa wisdom of the park program, the Internet of Things Association of the strong support and promotion.
In the future, the technology will build a cloud service platform for the construction of green, energy saving, the new "smart city" to provide technical support and system services for the wisdom of the city to contribute to the construction of a solid force!
About IOTE2017
It is understood that the 2017 International Internet of Things Expo is a complete chain of things on the Internet, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, sensor network technology, short-range communications technology, the latest mobile payment technology, electronic label production solutions, reader development The latest technology, the middleware of the precise control technology, and its networking technology in traffic, industrial automation, smart grid, intelligent home, logistics, security, personnel, vehicle, military, asset management, clothing, books, home intelligent, urban management , Environmental monitoring and other areas of comprehensive solutions and successful application of high-level international event show.
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